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ABOUT THE SURVEY: The Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality is preparing a Comprehensive Integrated Transport Plan (CITP), a requirement of the National Land Transport Act, 2009. The main objective is to plan and implement an accessible, safe, efficient and cost-effective transport system for the City, which encompasses all modes of transport including public transport and infrastructure.

The most important input is the determination of the needs, requirements, and preferences of the users of the transport system (non-motorised transport, roads, public transport, and related facilities) through a transport questionnaire survey. This survey is intended to determine transport needs, preferences and typical travel patterns of commuters, learners and other transport users.

You are invited to participate in the survey to provide information about your usual travel patterns on a typical weekday. The information required is of a non-intrusive nature, but will be treated as confidential and is required for planning purposes only. Your co-operation in allowing the surveys to take place unhindered will be much appreciated.


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